Mar 31, 2010

yes, we are the world (seeing through the japanese eyes?)

Mar 30, 2010

relax it's only tuesday

today's subject is 2 cats freak out after 1 cat performance

the singer

the omg

the dramatic

Mar 27, 2010

time for number two
ahh.. this kid is soo classic, by that, we meant... we're not sure how old he is now, click to enlarge please.

over the top sheer... from family guy, please be forewarned that it's a bit PG-13, so...... for those of you who are under age, just go to hell!!

Mar 20, 2010

Thanks George, it's too good!!!
C'mon, cheer up will ya??
From Awkward family photos..why?? We don't know, don't ask please.
Happy Confident doggy Sing!
Steam crab will solve all the problems in the world!
A guy like this makes Garbage Days no fun no more, What an ahole.
WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN???? We love surprises..

Mar 19, 2010

Breakfast time!!!
We decided to recap one of the all time favorite movies. Italian Spiderman is too good!
Not sure what this is but, we're quite pleased!!

Chuck norris facts
Uploaded by mozinor. - See more comedy videos.
This doesn't get old ever!!
Fact of the day: Ninjas aren't good bargainer...

Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho.

It's hard to resist not to post this...

A little 'Before and After', but which one's which?? WHO CARES....  happy friday!


Mar 12, 2010

It's Friday!!
Best Ninja Movie Ever!!

22 bricks cool guy
One of the coolest music vids, we like from youtube.
Fun animated gif found today:

and for the tennis folks
He's baaack, I hope the new tron is as exciting as this guy.


Mar 11, 2010

A better comeback.

meow meow

Good evening folks,

We'll be showing you things we've came across on the net on daily basis, found by us, by our friends and their friends. We will not be expecting any follower, nor do we care to be pushed around to post things we don't enjoy.
There will be a revisit of some of the things we found prior to 'Funny Elbow', but we don't mind if it's still entertain us.

It'll be random and very random only, just sit back and relax.

the publishers.